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Rule the Seas

An online web based pirate game where you can attack and mug other players while training to get experience to be the best pirate in the realm!

>== A Note About This Site == At this time, there are three versions of the game Rule the Seas. This site is based on the original site, Version One(or V1). While most of the information in this Wiki will apply to all versions, some of it will not. The differences can often be as minor as a different name for what is essentially the same item. At some point it may be possible to add notations regarding the other versions, but that is not possible at this time.



Rule the Seas is undergoing substantial changes at the present time, resulting in multiple items being removed from sale from all shops. At present Icicles and all four kinds of Healing Herbs have been affected. See the individual entries in the Edibles section for more details.

Edit: Servers are up and running.

Wall of Honor

Wall of Honor - Contributors / Donation Recognition

Intimi8tor's Newbie Guide

Intimi8tor's Newbie Guide



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The Gang

Arr! Ye be wantin' to be a pirate able to set sail over the wild blue yonder? Well then matey! Yer in the right place! We all be wantin' a little booty (Ok, more then a little, har har har!) so we have banned together and become The Booty Hunters! Yar!

Ifin' you be feelin' lonely in the world feel free to swing on by and say hello! Arr!

Pendorong [cost: $0] [level: 1]
Port Royal [cost: $1,500] [level: 1]
Port of Tortuga [cost: $1,000] [level: 1]
Nassau [cost: $1,000] [level: 1]
Balicasaq [cost: $75,000] [level: 5]
Port of Monaco [cost: $2,500] [level: 5]
Betrayer's Lagoon [cost: $1,000] [level: 10]
Port Hidalgo [cost: $2,500] [level: 10]
Pepper Island [cost: $10,000] [level: 10]
Rome [cost: $2,000] [level: 10]
Skull Island [cost: $1,000] [level: 15]
Death Island [cost: $5,000] [level: 20]
Isla de Muerta [cost: $3,500] [level: 30]
The Grand Entrance [cost: $0] [level: 50]
The Great Room [cost: $0] [level: 50]
The Reef [cost: $10,000] [level: 50]
Bonecrushers Bastion [cost: $100,000] [level: 75]
The Arctic Outpost [cost: $10,000,000] [level: 75]
The Lilac Port [cost: $3,000] [level: 90]
Spain [cost: $120,000] [level: 115]
The Cove [cost: $40,000] [level: 140]
East India [cost: $250,000] [level: 200]
Leon's Outpost [cost: $80,000] [level: 300]
Grakkinsnorgle Roost [cost: $100,000] [level: 450]
Buccaneer's Refuge [cost: $250,000] [level: 650]
The Lost Sanctuary [cost: $1,000,000] [level: 900]
Ceylon (through Hidalgo or Spain) [cost: $10,000,000] [level: 1200]
Bangladesh [cost: $100,000,000] [level: 1700]
Kanchenchunga [cost: $100,000,000] [level: 2000]
Bombay [cost: $500,000,000] [level: 2500]
Deoghar [cost: $0] [level: 3250]

Discovered Ports

Discovered ports can only be reached using your own ship, purchased from the Shipyard, which you use at The Docks (unless you like swimming, don't buy a rowboat). You must wait 2 minutes in-between uses of your ship.

Witch Doctor's Lair [via Port Royal using Map] [level: 1]
Monaco Sewers [After series of quests beginning with The Guards!] [level: 1]
Singapore [After series of quests beginning with The Tablets] [level: 1]
Monaco Jail [level: 5]
Punishments House of Pain [After The Legend Scroll] [level: 10]
Sea Commander's Cove [Commander of the Seas] [level: 10]
Shores of Honor [After My Minions] [level: 10]
Shipwreck Cove [Grand Warlord Relic] [level: 20]
Great Hall of Honor [Merit Trophy] [level: 150]
The Bazaar [via East India after Back Alley Market] [level: 200]
The Underworld [via The Reef after Underwater Exploration Trophy] [level: 200]
Theo's Warm Wetlands [after Shiny Beads] [level: <= 300]
Hunters Isle [Mark of the Hunter] [level: 300]
Cadiz [via Spain after Close to Paradise] [level: 500]
The Abyss [via The Underworld after Tasty Snacks] [level: 500]
Jamaica [via Tortuga after Collecting Stones] [level: 500]
Santa Cruz [after Deeper Into the Wild] [level: 1500]

Ghost Ports

Ghost ports can only be reached using your ghost ship, purchased from the Upgrade Your Account. You must wait 2 minutes in-between uses of your ship.

Bird Island [via Buccaneer's Refuge] [level: 1000]
Turtle Shores [via Bird Island] [level: 1250]
Lucky Bay [via Turtle Shores] [level: 1500]
Isle de Capri [via Lucky Bay] [level: 1750]
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